Sunday Morning Coffee is a personal eclectic blog. I will begin to take you on a brief journey of my life and how I ended up to where I am today. This blog will continue to take you on unexpected journeys, which may include travel trips, random topics of the week, dog topics and pictures, … More Beginning

Life Experience

Where was the most magical place you have ever been? Magic can be anything from what you believe, what you feel or even what you see. Words cannot even begin to describe how magnificent this place is. I had the opportunity to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland. This small island was discovered by Vikings, which is … More Life Experience


So I realized that I haven’t written in quite some time and I apologize. I have been working on a better me. Life took over and time flies by, I am sure many of you can relate of course. But, I did realize that I needed to slow down and regroup to focus more on … More Life

‘Tis The Season

Take a moment to think to yourself about what makes you truly happy. Is it the town you live in? Is it the amount of things you own? Is it your car? Or maybe is it your job? Now take a moment to think about what truly matters in life. Now that the holiday season … More ‘Tis The Season

But First, Coffee

Being a coffee lover, I love to try different coffee in different places. While I was exploring Ibiza, Spain, I made it a point to try the local coffee shops. Not only do you get to see different coffee shop designs, but you can see the difference between each culture and the way coffee brings … More But First, Coffee

Adventure Awaits

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning as I am reminiscing over my trip to Ibiza, Spain. As I search for the words to describe how amazingly gorgeous this place is, I will continue to document my journey. What was the longest amount of hours you have ever spent in a plane? For me, my flight into … More Adventure Awaits

First Timer

What are some of the things you have always wanted to do? As a Sagittarius, mine is to travel. I have always wanted to travel and see what the whole world has to offer. Traveling to me, means being able to expand your horizons and experience new things, new places, new people and different cultures. … More First Timer

Above Average

Have you ever thought that there must be something more than this? Everyday I am searching for ways to better my life. Everyday I am wondering what else does the universe have in store for me? It’s true when they say the universe has your back. Each situation you have ever been in, happened for … More Above Average

Spread Your Wings

Have you ever become so stressed out over a job that did not even make you happy? Sure the money was decent and nice to have on the side, but were you truly happy? Did it make waking up every morning worth it? Jobs are jobs, they make you money so you can pay your … More Spread Your Wings

Find Your Bliss

What makes you feel blissful? Are there any hobbies that you enjoy doing that you just get lost in and forget about the world for a while? I have a few, but one of my favorites is hand-making blankets. Might sound very “old school” or “Grandma-ish” for a 23 year old, but I don’t care. … More Find Your Bliss

Magical Cup

What is one of your favorite memories growing up as a kid? Growing up, I used to love waking up in the mornings to the smell of coffee, that my dad had freshly brewed. Not one morning went by, where I did not smell coffee in the air. It gave me that warm cozy feeling, … More Magical Cup