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Burning desires are what I like to call, the way of life. If you have a burning desire and you follow through with it, you are directing your life toward your own destiny. I am a strong believer is energy and the universe. When you are positive and are constantly thinking of something that you ultimately desire, the universe makes it happen through a series of events. Think back to my previous blog post. I had my burning desires of going to college in Pittsburgh and moving to Florida once I graduated. That’s exactly what happened. I believed in it, I saw it in my mind and stayed positive. Through series of events, such as my internship, I made it to my final destination that I had so longed planned out. What spiked the thought of where I should pursue my internship, was actually when I was in my college apartment bathroom and I wondered if Disney had a hospital. Literally, out of the blue, this was what popped into my mind. I ran over to my computer and googled it. The hospital popped up because it had a Disney part for children but I never knew it. I called, spoke to the head of the department and boom! Just like that, I scored my internship. The universe works in interesting ways, when you least expect it. It can all start with a random exciting thought that your burning desire pushes you to follow through with.

Planning also helps, however, you can NEVER plan out life. Life is so unexpected it’s almost crazy to think about. I had goals from high school, to college, to after college. What left me struggling, was I stopped after the after college part. I left it up to the universe to decide what direction I should travel in next. I’ll tell you what I originally thought I was “suppose” to do with my life after college. My parents always told me “the way of life” was to graduate high school, go to college and earn a degree, be in a serious relationship, get a great job, become engaged, then marry, live in an apartment while saving up for a house, buy/build a house and then start a family, live happily ever after. The End. Well, honestly I guess I thought that was what my life was suppose to be all about, nothing else. I was in a serious relationship in college, they tried to discuss but I never felt comfortable enough to follow through with the conversations. I guess I always knew that I was meant to be an outlier in that line of life.

Let me tell you, I do not regret it. I moved from the small town country to the city life and met some amazing people who fortunately are still part of my life till this day. They opened up an entire new way of thinking about life. They reminded me and showed me that life is not meant to stress over. Life is meant to enjoy, to travel, to obviously work harder than ever so that you can afford to treat yourself the way you deserve to. Life is not meant to be boring, life is meant to be lived. The people I met have made such an impact on my life and I could not be more grateful for them. Sometimes I do sit back and reflect on how I even got mixed up in this change of life. Small town country girl takes on city living. Sometimes it does become overwhelming and they don’t seem to understand. Most of the time, however, I do enjoy every minute of the journey. I’m here to tell you that no matter where life takes you, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Things always happen for a reason. It’s either a lesson or a blessing. All you have to do is keep moving forward and keep your head up, or else the crown tips darling.

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