Helping Hand

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If you watch the news, then you are up-to-date with how our world is changing dramatically. I am not one to jump into politics or anything along those terms. However, I am a caring human being and when the world seems to go to shit, I admire those who step up. Recently, one of our country’s states was hit with a nasty hurricane. Families and their dogs, farm animals, and so many more have been traumatized by Mother Nature. They lost everything they had. With everything else going on in the world, so many people from all around our country knew that those people needed help. Every single person who helped took a stand to lend a helping hand. With that being said, every single person had a caring, beating heart. Why does it take a life threatening disaster to ignite that switch within our hearts? Think about that.

It takes so much unnecessary energy to “hate”. Think back to a time when you were extremely mad at someone, how you couldn’t stand to be in the same room as them, your energies were on fire with hatred. Now think about how tired and drained that made you feel, how bad of a headache or neck ache you got from it. All that unnecessary pain and damage to your body over an argument. I bet once apologies were said, everything was better and it was like you can breathe again. So what was the point? Why do we put ourselves and others through that? There will never be an accurate answer for that. If people would focus more on being a better person within themselves, then a brutal  catastrophe would not have to act as a reality check.

With another life-threatening hurricane on it’s way, I decided to write this post and dedicate it to lending a helping hand; not just for now, but to always remember to follow through with being a good, whole-hearted person. Everyone has their own story and sometimes I believe people forget about that. Never be afraid to take a step forward when everyone else takes a step back. Because at the end of the day, love is all that matters.

2 thoughts on “Helping Hand

  1. This speaks to the heart. It’s very true and something completely similar occurred during September 11th. You are wise beyond your years Lauren and if more people thought like u, the world would be a better place.


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