Pet Dogs. Drink Wine.

pet dogs drink wine

I often wonder where my passion for dogs began, then it hit me. Before I was born, my parents had two dogs. My parents have been together since they were about 16 years old, which makes them high school sweethearts. One day my dad found a box of puppies on the side of the road, however there was only one left. Naturally, my dad decided to pick him up and bring him home to surprise my mom. The puppy was a mutt, which consisted of multiple breeds and was black and white. They named him Pepper. A couple years later after they got engaged, they adopted another puppy. This puppy was an English Springer Spaniel named Rudy. After they married, they moved into their brand new custom built home, along with the dogs. A year later, I was brought into the world. And that’s when my love for dogs began.

My mom used to tell me stories about when I was a baby. Ever see those adorable dog and baby videos? That was me. My dogs, Pepper and Rudy, were my dog guards. They would sleep right underneath my crib at nights, curl up around me if I was laying on the floor or couch, and just never left my side. I suppose to me being so little, they were huge fluffy things that I could cuddle up on whenever I wanted and they would always let me. I learned at a very young age, that dogs have a very special gift on this earth. I always believe that humans need to learn how special they truly are and even learn from them. Dogs are meant to provide love and happiness. That’s why I have always had dogs in my life, now I own three. They are the only creatures on this earth that will love you more than they love themselves. Dogs will never leave your side. They are so happy to see you as soon as you walk through that front door after a long day, or just after five minutes. It truly is the greatest feeling in the world, coming home to something that loves you unconditionally. If people would learn lessons from dogs, I strongly believe that this world would be a better place.

Not to mention, dogs are great for our health. It’s been said that those who own dogs live longer. It makes so much sense if you think about it. When you pet a dog, hold a dog, cuddle a dog, your sense of tension goes away. Dogs lower our blood pressure. They also decrease stress, which in the long run decreases chances of heart attacks and other serious issues. Also, dogs make us much more active. I know when I am with my dog, we go hiking, running and walking all the time. Dogs also boost our confidence levels. Going on walks alone vs. walks with our dog, gives us a sense of confidence and safety. Our emotional state also greatly heightens when we have dogs in our lives. Depression? Hell, get yourself a dog and you’ll think twice before taking those medications!

I’m pretty much a simple girl who enjoys the simple things in life. Coffee, dogs and let’s not forget red wine. Wine is one of my favorite things. Everyone has those long days where all they want to do is come home and have a drink. Well, wine is my drink of choice. Wine is great even if you haven’t had a hard day. One of the best things is wine nights with the girls. It’s a great time to vent, watch shows, bake or just simply spend time with your friends. Wine is wonderful. It gives me that cozy, lovey dovey feeling. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy wine? Being “wine drunkie” as I like to call it, makes me feel “classy” while having the best time ever. You are completely relaxed, feeling good and then it’s super easy to fall asleep. (Note: wine-o is completely different from alcoholic.) In addition to feeling good recreationally, red wine is also very good for your heart, when drank in moderation. Fun fact. That’s why wine is great with dinner (or with everything).

Above all, it is very important to take care of yourself. So, spend some time alone and with others, read a book, sip some coffee in the morning and some wine at night, pet, cuddle and be active with your dog and you’ll live a very happy life!

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