Find Your Bliss

favorite finished blanket pic

What makes you feel blissful? Are there any hobbies that you enjoy doing that you just get lost in and forget about the world for a while? I have a few, but one of my favorites is hand-making blankets. Might sound very “old school” or “Grandma-ish” for a 23 year old, but I don’t care. I love it. I really enjoy making them because who doesn’t love a thoughtful, handmade gift? There is so much “stuff” out there that when people don’t know what to buy for a special occasion or person, they just buy whatever looks nice. To me, having meaning and thought put into a gift means that you care and love that person. It makes them feel good too, knowing that they mean something to you.

I take my time with each blanket I make, because I want to make sure its perfect. These big chunky blankets I love making are for anyone, especially those who love cuddling up with a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee and have their favorite scented candle lit. Or is that just me?? They are great for those cold nights or something to just cuddle up in at bedtime, or any time of the day. Big chunky blankets are so cozy and add such a great touch to your home.


The big chunky blankets I make are not done with needles, I create them using my arms. I loop them on my one arm and then start stitching back and forth from each arm. It’s actually quite fun and soothing. I learned how to make them about a year and a half ago. With anything, it takes practice to become good at. I always try to better myself with each one I make. Pretty soon, I can start learning different patterns! There are a variety of colored yarn I like to choose from. I like to choose each color based on that person’s comfort color. Which color makes you feel comfortable and cozy?


No matter what your bliss might be, don’t give it up if people think you’re weird for doing it. Who cares what others think? Find your bliss and run with it. The world is such a crazy place, if you have something that you can escape into and forget about reality, do that. Life is too short to stress.




*If anyone is interested in my blankets, feel free to email me :)*

16 thoughts on “Find Your Bliss

  1. Totally agree!! More power to the weird people right?? I have found that trying to please everyone is impossible so I do what makes me happy! Also, that blanket looks extra comfy!

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  2. I have seen blankets like this online but do not think that i have seen one in person. When I see a picture of one of these blankets, I think to myself that it looks like a cozy blanket with which to curl up. I think that it is neat that you make them!

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  3. I think there is something very satisfying about making things. In a society where we can buy nearly anything, it’s easy to get complacent and lose these important skills. Yet making things like blankets is a craft and a very rewarding one too.

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