First Timer


What are some of the things you have always wanted to do? As a Sagittarius, mine is to travel. I have always wanted to travel and see what the whole world has to offer. Traveling to me, means being able to expand your horizons and experience new things, new places, new people and different cultures. Every time you travel, it opens up a new part of you that you never even knew existed. Traveling allows you to grow as a person. It makes you question yourself as who you are and who you can truly become as a person. It also questions what you can learn based off of each new opportunity and experience, and how you can apply it to your own life. For those of you who have read my previous blog posts, being able to grow and better myself is a huge part of who I am. Traveling was number one on my bucket list.

Well, that dream has finally come true! Recently, I took my very first international trip to Ibiza, Spain! My god, I do not even have words for how beautiful this place truly is. Spain was on my bucket list, but I had no idea Ibiza even existed until someone special to me mentioned it. It was 150% worth the trip. The island is absolutely gorgeous. The pictures I took do not even do it justice. We accomplished and saw so many places in a matter of 48 hours, it was a quick weekend getaway. Since it was my very first time out of the country, I learned so much in just one weekend. (I will go into more detail in my following blog posts, along with sharing more pictures). I loved how clear and blue the Mediterranean Sea is. The people are all so friendly and helpful. The buildings were very historic looking, but to me that meant the most beauty.

On our way to Ibiza, we had a layover in Amsterdam. It was long enough to where we were able to venture out into the city for an hour or so before our flight. Amsterdam is a beautiful city as well. I loved how all the buildings looked, how everyone rode bikes and even used boats to travel down the canal ways. To me, Amsterdam was like a small town in a big city. I loved all of their coffee shops, of course! Amsterdam is also known for marijuana and has cafes equipped with full menus and a wide selection to chose from. It was actually pretty amazing walking through the streets and realizing the big difference between Europe and America. I learned that in Europe, it is very laxed and care-free, whereas in America, we are very much conservative and high strung.

I was luckily enough to have experienced my first time out of the country with people who have already been qualified travelers. These people mean the world to me and being able to see parts of the world with them, meant even more. With that being said, my first time was extremely smooth and non-stressful. It was absolutely perfect. I believe that it is very important to always practice gratitude. Throughout my whole trip, no matter where I was, whether it was in the morning drinking my coffee on the balcony of our Airbnb, overlooking the breath-taking view of the island, or in the rundown car traveling up the mountains of Formentera, I was performing my gratitude affirmations. Always be grateful for the opportunities that open up in your life. I could not have asked for a better weekend getaway, or even for a better first experience ever. I am forever thankful and can not wait to see where life takes me next.

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