Adventure Awaits


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning as I am reminiscing over my trip to Ibiza, Spain. As I search for the words to describe how amazingly gorgeous this place is, I will continue to document my journey. What was the longest amount of hours you have ever spent in a plane? For me, my flight into Ibiza was about 14 hours total. The cool part about it was once we landed on the island, there was no gate to board off of. We were in a tiny little airplane and had to walk off the plane down the staircase and ride a bus over to the airport. To me, that was pretty neat because I usually only see famous people do that on their personal planes. We landed on the island right as the sun was setting, breath-taking view by the way. I knew once we finally got into our taxi on our way to our Airbnb, the adventure was soon to begin.

Our first night there was beyond exciting. I learned that Ibiza is run off a few major nightclubs. Their busiest season is summer time and apparently that’s when the island overflows with bodies. Some say not to even come during that time because it is not even enjoyable. Once their busy season is over, the whole island shuts down for months until the following spring and summer. With that being said, we picked the PERFECT weekend to go. We were able to make it to the very last closing party at one of the most historic nightclubs to date, Amnesia Ibiza. That first night there, we settled into our place, got some dinner and napped. We woke up about midnight, got ready, and off we went into the night until about 6am. Some would think you’re crazy for doing that, others would say you’re living life to the fullest. That weekend opened up a whole new life within me.


The next morning I woke up and walked out towards the balcony but I was completely blinded by the light. It was so bright being within a white room and the sun shining in. I loved it. Our view was astonishing. Downstairs from where we stayed was a cute little café. I went down about each morning, grabbed some coffee and got to know the man working. I was able to enjoy my coffee on the balcony. It was a dream come true. Once we ate and reenergized, we ventured out on the island.

Casa Saladeta is a picture perfect beach area. The waters are crystal clear and blue as can be. To get there, we had to take super windy roads down a mountain and then hike these huge rocks to find our destination. It was an awesome experience. Dogs were able to come on the beach, you were able to jump off rock cliffs into the water, beautiful sail boats hung out in the waters, it was absolutely stunning. Also, the island seemed to have an infestation of cats. What we would call house cats, were actually wild cats there. I, of course, had to pet them.

That night we ventured over to Old Town for dinner, one of my favorite parts of the trip. Old Town is a historic part of Ibiza. Historic places, like Old Town touch a part of my soul. I love learning about the history behind the location. The big Fort building was beautiful. I loved the design and architecture of the whole city. We stumbled upon a very nice café that we chose to have dinner at. The food was amazing. It’s important to try new things, including food whenever you travel. It’s part of the experience.

On our last full day of adventuring, we took a 45 minute fairy boat over to the other island of Formentera. The island of course was absolutely gorgeous. We decided to rent a car and since they were all out of my favorite vehicle, Jeep Wrangler, we decided to chose a more ethnic kind. I can’t help but laugh thinking about this car. It was definitely all part of the adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our first stop was for breakfast, which we came across a cute little shopping street that lead to another beautiful beach area. Right across from the beach was another cute café that I just had to try. All fueled up, we were ready to head out again. We traveled up the mountains to a Lighthouse cliff. My word, it was remarkable. On the way back down the mountain, we decided to hike. Let me tell you, the hike was well worth it when we found an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea on both sides of a small strip of the island. It was magical. Our day was such a success and I certainly never wanted it to end.

Traveling is addicting. Once you travel for the first time it becomes a part of you, it’s in your blood. It is something that words can’t really describe. I learned in order to get to the most beautiful parts of the world it is tricky and difficult, but entirely worth every second of it. Ever since I was little, I wanted to know what else is out there. Now that I have started, I will never stop.

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