But First, Coffee


Being a coffee lover, I love to try different coffee in different places. While I was exploring Ibiza, Spain, I made it a point to try the local coffee shops. Not only do you get to see different coffee shop designs, but you can see the difference between each culture and the way coffee brings people together. Coffee is a wonderful way to socialize, along with alcohol. In Ibiza, the people are very relaxed and laid back. They enjoy their coffee in mornings, but even at night.

coffee shop
One evening, my friends and I decided to venture into Old Town and grab some dinner. We stumbled upon this café that served not only breakfast and coffee but dinner tapas, (which are small plates that you share with the table and are huge in Spain). I could not help but fall in love with the design of the café, it was beautiful. You can smell the aroma of coffee along with the delicious food at the same time. The food was amazing. I don’t normally drink shots of espresso, however I tried theirs and I fell in love. It was so rich and smooth and they had a small square of dark chocolate on the side for you to take a bite of after you drank it. It was the perfect combination, considering I am also a chocolate lover.

After trying all the local coffee shops that I had passed by, I couldn’t narrow down my favorite one. I loved each of them for their own unique qualities, whether it’d be their design, the view or even the different coffees. However, my favorite was the one right downstairs from where we stayed. It was my favorite because it was on a more personal level. I got to know the barista guy, since I went down each morning for my morning coffee. The Americano he made was delicious. There was also this one coffee shop in Formentera that I fell in love with, due to the magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. The coffee shop was right on the beach. The people there were also amazing.

You learn to appreciate different things when you travel. Coffee is very precious to me, not just because I love it but because I love that it can be made multiple ways. It can also taste very different depending on how you make it, what you use for flavor, etc. But the most important thing I love, is how it can bring people together and set the mood for happiness. Traveling has really opened up my eyes to a number of things in my life. I hope that one day, everyone has the chance to travel out of the country. It is definitely worth it.

12 thoughts on “But First, Coffee

  1. coffee lover right here as well 😀 I agree that drinking coffee its not only about consumption but about socializing. Have you been in Croatia? we have big coffee culture as well! I will definitelly check out this places when going to Spain, thanks!

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