‘Tis The Season

merry christmas

Take a moment to think to yourself about what makes you truly happy. Is it the town you live in? Is it the amount of things you own? Is it your car? Or maybe is it your job? Now take a moment to think about what truly matters in life. Now that the holiday season is upon us, I want to dedicate this blog post to love and joy. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I was also born four days before Christmas and it’s the best life ever. Christmas to me means being thankful and feeling blessed for the life you have. It means being able to spend precious time with family and friends, and of course my dogs. It means continuing family traditions and listening to Christmas music on repeat every waking hour. Christmas to me, means spreading the joy and love to everyone around you.

My family and I go all out for Christmas. It’s the best time of the year! My momma always made sure Christmas was always so magical by her Christmas decorations throughout the house. It was like living at Santa’s house at the north pole. My family would decorate the Christmas tree together while playing Christmas music and having the fireplace lit. I would help momma bake some cookies, which sometimes lead to flour fights in the kitchen. Each family member has a stocking, including all three of my dogs that are all placed above the fireplace. My brother and I would take our dogs out in the snow and go sledding with our friends, while having snowball fights. Each night we would watch a Christmas movie together as a family by the Christmas tree and fireplace; Christmas Vacation, Elf and the Grinch being the top three repeats. Typical family traditions. But you know what? I love every second of it. It’s what makes the best holiday. I look forward to bigger and better Christmas’s as I get older and inviting many more loved ones in.

There is something special about being connected with the energy of Christmas. I am a huge believer in energy and love. I cherish the spirit of Christmas within me all year round. Christmas is also the time to help those in need. Although, when you think about it, Christmas seems to be almost like an excuse to be kind to others. We should latch onto that feeling and continue it all throughout the year and years to come. Being kind to others is something that is much needed in our world, especially now. A simple Hi, Hello with a smile can lighten up anyone’s day. Standing beside someone and lifting them up when they are down, instead of kicking them back down is key to happiness and to a better society. Christmas is filled with joy, laughter, love and happiness. Imagine what the world would be like if all those emotions were spread throughout the days, weeks, months, years.

With that being said, we are about to start the countdown to the 25 days ‘til Christmas! So let’s start putting some thought into some meaningful Christmas presents for all of our loved ones and get the snowball rollin’! Don’t forget to donate to some local charities and help those who really need some extra love. And most importantly, be sure to always send out those Christmas season vibes all year round. Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for supporting my blog.

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