So I realized that I haven’t written in quite some time and I apologize. I have been working on a better me. Life took over and time flies by, I am sure many of you can relate of course. But, I did realize that I needed to slow down and regroup to focus more on reviving my blog that I love so much. Let me fill you in on what’s been new in my life.

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First of all, I read two inspiring self-help books that I MUST talk to you about. Gabby Bernstein has become my new found guru. She is my absolute favorite author that I just recently discovered and I cannot stop reading and watching her blog videos or even listening to podcasts that she’s been on. I read her books, “The Universe Has Your Back” and “Judgement Detox”. Let me tell you, I have always been a spiritual person who is inspired everyday by trusting in the universe and higher power; however, she TRULY made me feel it, practice it and trust in its guidance much more deeply. Her books have changed my life in multiple ways.

I started to meditate and love myself much more. It’s very important to love yourself and accept yourself in order to let others in. I had a hard time with judgement as well. What I mean by that, is I was always feeling as though everyone around me was judging me for what I looked like, what clothes or shoes I wore, how I did my makeup, my job, etc. I never felt good enough. It was taking a toll on me to be completely honest, because I wasn’t focusing my energy on loving myself and being confident in my own skin. Gabby Bernstein’s books helped change my way of thinking and feeling. I never had any other author move me in such a way that it actually made a massive impact on my life. She also helped me to not be completely dependent on coffee in the mornings, which is huge for me (although I still love coffee).

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For a while there, I would wake up out of bed and feel like a zombie day after day. It was taking a toll on my life and relationships. The only thing at that time that I felt would make me feel alive was coffee. Every morning, for months, all I would think about was, “I need coffee. Coffee will help me feel alive. Coffee will wake me up. Coffee makes me feel good.” During that time, I didn’t realize that I was so separated from love and chose coffee as my “addiction” to cover up what I was feeling. I felt slightly depressed and negative about myself. By that, I learned that I had to change my inner self to radiate love from within; therefore, not feeling as though I needed SOMETHING to make me happy, feel revived and energized or make me feel alive. I just simply needed to find my way back to love.

With love comes confidence, happiness and inspiration. Now, I feel uplifted and truly happy. I strongly believe that practicing in Gabby’s ways has empowered my inner self and from that, amazing things have started to come my way. I also do not feel like a slave to coffee. I started drinking fruit-infused water in the mornings before even touching my coffee pot. I simply make it to enjoy it. That’s how life should be.

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Another positive thing that I was so tied up doing was that I finally landed a great, salary-based job. That’s pretty exciting because in my mind, I am only moving forward and gaining more experience to eventually reach my vast end goal. It is very important to have goals in life. Life cannot be planned. Dream big goals and have the drive to work towards them each and every day. Write them down in a notebook and you will be surprised how the universe operates.


On top of that, I really started to work harder on creating my handmade blankets. I switched up my material and MAN is it amazing! I am so excited. I also revived my Etsy shop, so check it out and let me know what you think! My link is posted on my page.

Last but not least, I went on another international adventure! I cannot wait to tell you all about it in my new and upcoming post, so stay tuned! But I will say, it was unconditionally incredible.


Everyone gets caught up in life. What’s important is that you know when to slow down, rest and always stay positive. Self-care is extremely important and you should always do what makes you happy. With that being said, I will never abandon my blog because this is my happiness and I appreciate all of my followers. I hope to continue to grow and create an impact on all my readers.

Life happens. Learn how to ride the waves and watch the miracles come alive.

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