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iceland wow

Where was the most magical place you have ever been? Magic can be anything from what you believe, what you feel or even what you see. Words cannot even begin to describe how magnificent this place is. I had the opportunity to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland. This small island was discovered by Vikings, which is pretty awesome. Their population is only around 332,000 people on the whole island. But get this, 1.7 million people in the last year or so have visited Iceland. That blows my mind. This place is absolutely beautiful, so I don’t blame people from wanting to visit. From the snow tip mountains down to the little streams and rock designs, you will be amazed by how detailed the island’s landscape is. There is so much to see.

One of the first adventures we went on was hiking the island’s tallest waterfall. Luckily, there wasn’t much snow the weekend we went so we were able to see our path and the stunning view. Once we reached the top, we were so unbelievably proud. It was absolutely breathtaking. It felt like a dream. I highly recommend to bring a good GPS because that thing sure saved our butts. It took about 2.5 hours to hike to the top. Iceland only has four hours of light during their winter season. With that being said, the sun rises around 11 or 12 in the morning and sets around 4 in the evening. We were able to hike and get back safely all within the proper timeframe.

In the evening, the best place to go is “downtown” Reykjavik. This is one of the cutest little towns I had ever seen. The cafes and restaurants are delicious. One night I tried their seafood pasta and oh my word, I could drool just thinking about it. All of their seafood is freshly caught on the daily. Seafood is one of the island’s main source of food. The downtown area is filled with shops, food and even some bars. The nightlife isn’t crazy, but it is definitely fun to experience. Everyone is pretty friendly and majority of the island speaks English.

Taking a spur of the moment adventure turns into such an astonishing life experience. Our trip was only a full 48 hours. But let me tell you, we used our time wisely and accomplished A LOT on our list. You must rent a car in order to explore and get the real experience. On our second and last full day of adventure, we traveled around the coast of the island. We visited multiple breathtaking waterfalls and climbed like 1000 steps to the top of one (just kidding, the little boy in front of us counted only about 400 something steps but certainly felt like 1000…) Just simply driving the coast and up through the snowy mountains is just a gorgeous view and unexplainable feeling. We couldn’t help but look every which way. We stopped and visited some adorable black Icelandic horses. The island has long hair horses that are just stunning. They super friendly as well.

While we were exploring the island, we made it to our favorite destination. The Icelandic plane wreck. This is located on the black sand beach. This American Navy plane had to take an emergency landing on the coast of Iceland in 1974. The plane has been there all this time and is one of the most historic places many tourists like to visit. It takes 2 miles of straight, flatland walking out to the black sand beach and there, near the ocean line, is where this historic artifact lays. It is absolutely incredible to have this once in a lifetime experience. I remember the feeling I felt once we finally made it. I felt a sense of awe and amazement. I felt like I was in a daydream. I felt the energy from the earth and I was touched by such an amazing opportunity. 

On our very last night, right as we were about to fall asleep, we received an exciting notification. What is the one thing everyone wants to see whenever they visit somewhere so far north? The Northern Lights. The notification was right around 12:40am letting us know that we got a decent chance on seeing the Northern Lights around 12:55am. So obviously, we jumped right out of bed and threw on our shoes and a jacket and ran out to the car. We drove all the way out to the lighthouse, away from the city lights. We waited and waited, an hour and a half went by. Unfortunately, it was just too cloudy for us to have the opportunity to witness such a beautiful view.

omg iceland

I was pretty upset, but you know what? I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am for the entire weekend we already had experienced. Exploring the world is something that I hope everyone can do one day. There is just so much to see outside of what you already know. The world is filled with so much life and beauty. Take it upon yourself and just do it. The world is one magnificent place. I plan on seeing everything and everywhere at least once before I die.

Life is an adventure.

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