Light Up Your Heart

Imagine you are living in your dreams. At what point do you snap out of it and realize you are back to reality? Or are you actually living in reality that truly does feel like a beautiful dream? I had an inspirational, touching moment in time where my life felt just like a beautiful dream, and I very well was living in reality. The best part is that I was living it with my person.


After a very long, emotional week I remembered I had tickets to this event happening in my area. I was so happy and grateful that we were going. The event was called The Lights Festival. It was located on a big, well-kept piece of land in the middle of nowhere. So many people also attended, and since it was the very first time and first night of the event, they had a great turn out. There was a stage with live music, food trucks and torches. Everyone who was there received a lantern and a little brown sac. In that sac, was a black marker and a few other little things.

The whole purpose of this festival is to write down your fears, goals, inspirations, motives; anything you ever wanted, you write it down on this lantern. Once you write everything down, you light it up and watch it slowly lift up into the air and fade away. By writing these down and lighting it on fire you are surrendering your fears and goals to the Universe. If you believe and trust, the Universe will receive your message and everything will fall into place.


I cannot find the words to describe how this experience made me feel. It was so magical, even breathtaking. We were in the center being surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of lanterns floating up in the air. I remember standing there, watching the magic happen all around me and feeling so happy it actually moved me. In this moment, was when I knew that I was truly living a beautiful dream. Everything else didn’t matter, all that mattered was that I was here, with him, experiencing the most beautiful, real life daydream. It was so touching, we both had tears in our eyes. It was another eye-opening experience for us.

Gratitude and love are key to living a happy life. Each day is a blessing. Some days are good, others can be bad. If you are going through some troublesome times, learn to surrender your worries and let the Universe handle it. Your thoughts paint the picture of your world. Keep a positive mind with happy thoughts and watch your world transform. Always remember that even on the bad days, you have the power to shine through the darkness and light up your heart.




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