I have a lot of people who tell me that I have a very mature emotional state for my age. I am 24 years old now, and people have always thought that I was extremely mature. They never believed my real age and always thought I was at least 5 years or so older. I normally take that as a huge compliment, like thank you so much. The more I thought about it, the more I decided to dig into my core reason of my own maturity level. I often wondered growing up why girls my age, always acted like they were the greatest thing to walk the earth. Why they were so bratty and just seemed fake, like they were trying to be someone they weren’t.

Maturity and age are very different. Age is just a number and it certainly does not define your maturity level. To me, your maturity level depends on the type of experiences you had in your life. When you have been broken throughout your life, you learn from the lesson life presented to you and you become stronger. The Universe never gives you anything you cannot handle. I am currently going through another universal life lesson, but I would like to start from the very beginning as to why I feel like I am such a strong, independent young woman

I learned at such a young age that you cannot depend on anyone to make you happy. When I was six years old, my best friend, my grandma, passed away unexpectedly. We did everything together, from playing hide-and-go-seek to digging for worms and catching frogs. She made me the happiest little girl, I loved her so much and I wanted to spend every second with her. Then one day, she was gone. I never saw it coming and the funny thing is, that is the only thing I truly remember from being very young.

As I got older, I learned to love again. In high school, I thought I met the greatest guy who I trusted to take care of my heart. Well, turns out that was a mistake. Our maturity levels were not on the same page, of course. The events we went through, shattered my heart into pieces. It took years, I mean years, to slowly pick up the pieces.


Loving deeply can be a blessing or the biggest mistake you can make. For me, it seemed like it was a mistake my whole life. Same thing happened going through college. When times were rocky, he decided to just walk out. The only good thing that came from it all was that it made me stronger. But honestly, I am so tired of the life lessons, I just wanted someone who wouldn’t leave.

I finally learned to take my happiness into my own hands. I spent lots of time alone, doing things that made ME happy. I finally felt like I was on the right track and things were great. I learned that in order to be happy with someone else, to trust someone else, grow with someone else, you must first trust in yourself. You must be happy and confident with your own self. In a way, I feel lucky that I learned that at a young age and not when I am way older. The problem is, sometimes I do not feel like most people also realize or feel that same way.

So fast forward to this very moment in time, I am learning patience. I am learning positivity and having faith. This is an all new experience. Everyone is different and has had completely different life experiences. The important thing is to be understanding, have patience and faith within that person. When something feels real, for once in your life, and when times are rough, you do not simply walk away. You provide space and time for that person while also being understanding, so that they can learn on their own to seek the light.

Take some time to reflect on your own life. Are you happy? Do you feel confident? It is very important to be strong. As to being strong, you provide a deeper understanding to life. And life is what you make of it, so make it a great one!

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