IMG_7969 (1)There are many different ways people choose to handle emotional situations. Some may enjoy to go out with friends and have drinks to try and forget for a little while. Others may take long car rides with no final destinations or take a long vacation to try and escape from it all. But do you ever wonder if people take the actual time to really feel, reflect and fix?

This weekend has been the most time I ever truly spent doing exactly that. For the time in my life I actually felt like disappearing off the grid, and I did exactly that, for a while. I shut my phone off, I refused to go on social media or even watch TV. I simply needed time to be alone. Luckily, my new environment is easy to feel isolated anyways. I spent a lot of time thinking, wondering and feeling. Some might be reading this and think I am crazy, ridiculous or maybe even pathetic. In reality, our mind and body need moments like this in order to move forward with clear focus.

Today I did something that I haven’t done in a while, I went for a walk around my new neighborhood. But what made it special was that for the very first time, I took a walk with no headphones, no phone, no music, no nothing. I had nothing in my hands. I was simply free of any form of clutter. I started off my walk just needing to get out for fresh air. As I was walking, I noticed what I was hearing. Instead of hearing noise, such as music or my phone ringing for a message or call, the sound of my keys clinging together, someone yelling to say hi or stop to talk to me; I was hearing the sound of the birds chirping. I was listening to the settle sound of the wind blowing in the air and the leaves crashing together. I even heard the sound of the water splashing down on a neighbors small water fountain on their front porch.

I was in a moment of presence. It allowed me to focus on my thoughts, what I was feeling and what I truly wanted. It allowed me to feel relaxed and refreshed. I hadn’t experienced a true form of disconnect. In today’s world, it seems like people are way too hung up in trying to please everyone else than really focusing on who truly matters in their life. It seems as though people think they need to change in order for people to like them or want to be with them, or get scared thinking that the situation they are in is changing them. It seems like some run away from true feelings just to mask them in fake news.

Take the time to disconnect.

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