Last Time

When was the last time you were present? When was the last time you spent a minute to reflect on your life, your goals, your ambitions, your purpose or your happiness? Or when was the last time you simply found peace of mind?

I haven’t written in quite some time. It is currently 1:30am. Times have changed multiple times over these past few months. Learning how to ride life’s waves can be a challenge in itself. You get through it though, eventually. For the first time, in a very long time, I went outside late at night. I couldn’t sleep. The moon wasn’t out but the stars were shining bright. I sat on my car and looked up. I don’t remember the last time I have done that. I don’t remember the last time I really took notice to the stars. It’s almost like life has been happening so fast, so unexpected that I forgot to slow down. I forgot to take time in stillness. Time to just be present.

You’d be surprise how your mind stops racing for a short moment. There’s so much that has been on my mind these past few months, it hasn’t given me time to just be calm or feel relaxed. When I decided to step outside at 1:00am and notice the bright stars, I found peace of mind for a little bit. It felt like everything froze and I no longer had to think.

Life happens. It happens quickly. It happens unexpectedly. It just happens. There are many questions you can ask the universe, a lot of which will be forever unanswered. It’s important to slow down, find happiness, remain positive and always keep your head held high. You never know what the future holds.

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