Super Fresh Start


new years2Holy crap, Happy New Year! 2019 is here and I certainly was beyond ready for 2018 to end. I don’t know about any of you, but 2018 was a doozey for me. I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but don’t worry this year is a super fresh start! What are some things you did to prepare for the new year?

For me, I went on a HUGE new year clean out and reorganization of my entire life. It felt amazing. I threw out a bunch of junk that I knew I definitely was not taking into 2019 with me. I also reorganized and cleared the air for positive flow of new energy. I started exercising and eating healthy again in preparation for 2019.

When I was throwing out a boat load of junk, it felt liberating. You know that feeling when you legit just do not care anymore and don’t care about seeing any of it ever again? Yeah, that feeling. LIBERATING. Doing that also allows for new energy to come in and direct you towards new opportunities. I knew there was something I needed to do because I felt blockage. Blockage to me feels like I am stuck in mud and can’t move anywhere. It feels like a dark cloud is above me and I can’t think or see clearly. Once I started reorganizing, rearranging and getting rid of old things in my life, one day I just woke up and felt free.

Freedom of darkness is the greatest feeling ever. I finally saw the light and felt completely at peace with myself. I don’t know what it is about the new year but boy, I could not wait for it to arrive. I hope all of you felt the same way. 2019 is feeling pretty good so far, I am 100% looking forward to it. Super exciting things are about to happen, I can feel it!

yes (2)
You know, I am not normally one to stick to new years resolutions and things like that, so this year I decided to “theme” my new year goals. This may be a much better way to stick to certain goals you have written down. Essentially, instead of saying exactly what you are going to do such as, “this year I will make x amount of dollars by working x amount of hours or new jobs.”, what I decided to do is theme my 2019 as “financial stability and freedom”. With that being said, I don’t give a crap what I do, as long as my finances are greater than last year. You feel? Maybe you should try it, I feel it’s less stressful and less pressure on you to achieve them.

Aside from reorganization, new years goals, etc., something very important to me is health and fitness. I abandoned ship from this category in my life for a while and sadly went down an unhealthy path. Thankfully, I decided no more and that I have chosen to grab life by the balls and take control again. With that being said, I started back up with an exercise routine while making healthy food choices. I also picked back up with my meditation practice. This is a huge, huge impact because you just feel so much better and it helps with depression as well (fun fact).

Most people don’t like exercise, so some advice/recommendation I’d like to give you is to just start off small. Start by taking morning or evening walks outside for some fresh air. Then start slowly lifting some boxes or whatever. After doing that for a couple weeks, next thing you know you’re out jogging instead of walking, and you’re doing pushups and squats instead of lifting boxes. Baby steps people! I want my community to be in tip top shape both mind and body (internal and externally). You got this though, I believe in you!

When you are stuck/feeling mental blockage for a while, you almost become a different person. It’s crazy. The day I realized I needed to snap out of it, my whole life changed for the better. By doing all these little yet impactful things, it’s a domino effect. One good thing leads to another which leads to another. Positive vibrations and thoughts lead to positive outcomes. Same goes for negativity, so if I were you, being there already, DON’T DO IT. Stay directed towards the light and stay positive with good energy and you will be amazed with how your life can change for the highest good.

coffee yas
Oh and another goal with the new year is creativity. Being more creative and practicing new skills is good for the soul. I already started up and it feels great. Just pick something you always wanted to learn or do and just do it. You never know where it can lead you. I hope to hear all about your new creative opportunities as well, so don’t be afraid to comment or email me to share your stories!



 Cheers to a SUPER fresh start in 2019!
Let all that you do be done in love 1COR 16:18

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